Our founder making a Tequila Sunrise with Amanda Tatom on Studio 512.

— Studio 512 AUSTIN (KXAN) | STUDIO 512

Our founder makes margaritas for National Margarita Day on Good Day Austin.

— Scarlett Greyson | GOOD DAY AUSTIN 

“In the scant nine months Tequila 512 has been on the market, it has won the 2012 Best Blanco Tequila at Austin Tequila Fest, a 2013 Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and, as of last week, a 2013 Gold Medal at the SIP Awards in Las Vegas.”

— Wes Marshall | AUSTIN CHRONICLE 

“We recently had the opportunity to meet Scott Willis and his wife Lauren Pfeifle and learn about their newTequila 512.”

— Wes Marshall | 
AUSTIN CHRONICLE (On the Range Video)

“Only nine months in production, Scott Willis’ Tequila 512 has won top prizes at three spirits competitions, a testament to how far he’s come ...”


Segments from Good Day Austin on Fox 7.

— Tania Ortega | INTERVIEWPART 2, PART 3

“Tequila is one of my favorite liquors and I almost always drink it straight, sipping it slowly and holding it in my mouth to enjoy all the flavors. I feel like shots are a sin (and what usually leads people to avoid the liquor for lifetimes to follow). Scott’s recipe is just what I love- layers of depth: pepper, spice, fruit, earthiness and a smoothness without the harsh burn....”

— Margaret Shugart | DISTILLING TEXAS

“We all know how much Austin loves tequila-- whether it be in a margarita or a shot dressed with salt and lime. Well folks, there's a new tequila on the market and it's local to our beloved city. Tequila 512 has been creating quite a bit of buzz...”

— Jay Schleier | TRIBEZA

“Scott Willis, president and founder of the Tequila 512 craft tequila brand, was in the KXAN studio on Saturday morning to talk about the making the perfect Cinco de Mayo margarita.”

— AUSTIN (KXAN) | Video

“Tequila 512 hit town last November and is quickly gaining notoriety. It picked up a gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in March and was recognized as “Best Blanco Tequila in Austin” by the Austin Tequila Society last fall. Not bad for a tequila created by one man, Scott Willis, who has boot-strapped the entire operation on his own.”

— Matt McGinnis | culturemap

“The bulk of liquor store tequila is far from a grim shelf of plonk. Bottle after bottle, label after label, they line up like soldiers ready for war. Which means breaking in with a new mezcal spirit can be a minefield for investors. That’s why I was delighted to discover 512 Tequila, a pot still blanco made by a small group of entrepreneurs in Austin.”

— Mike Hiller | Escape Hatch Dallas

Tequila 512 Wins Gold at San Francisco World Spirits Competition 

Austin, TX – Austin’s newest tequila, Tequila 512, won a gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC) last week. Of the 65 tequilas entered in the blanco category, only twelve were awarded gold medals.  

 — Tequila 512 | Press Release

Bottle bootstrapper

"Scott Willis doesn’t recommend creating and promoting a new product with next to nothing in the bank, but he’s proof it can be done.

Willis is the imagination and determination behind Tequila 512, a small batch blanco tequila, which is just now making its way onto local liquor store shelves and restaurant tables."

— Jan Buchholz | Austin Business Journal

“I’m passionate about my product,” he said. “I raised money to do this through friends and family that still live in Gainesville,” he said. “I’m a local guy. I was raised in Gainesville and a lot of my friends are there. This is really a grass roots, boot-strapping thing. It’s been pretty crazy. Just to get a bottle on a shelf is an accomplishment. Once I got (Tequila 512) in my first store, I said, ‘Hey, I made it.’”

— Delanis Trigg | Gainesville Daily Register

"I sampled the tequila after interviewing Willis over lunch. I was pleased to find that the initial hit on the palate did offer the clean, fresh agave flavor as advertised. A slight spice and burn followed, but only as an afterthought. When the alcohol-burn faded, a noticeable sweetness lingered. Willis said he wanted to produce a product that would be both easy to sip but also flexible for mixing, and after briefly tasting, I would agree that 512 fits that bill."

— Emma Janzen | Austin American Statesman